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SRG Technical Reports

The comprehensive SRG report package includes our detailed two-page Technical Report, paint/trim pie charts, and a full-page Rarity Metric designed for lamination and display at car shows.

The level of detail contained in our report package is the direct result of over a decade of research into the California-based Shelby program and the G.T. 350 and G.T. 500 cars that were created.

'67 Shelby G.T.s are special because of the running changes that took place at the two factories involved in assembling each car. Every car began life on Ford's San Jose assembly line and was then completed by Shelby American, Inc. in their hangar at the Los Angeles International Airport. This is why knowing each and every date associated with ordering, engineering, assembly and completion of each car is critical to achieving an accurate restoration. 

Our goal in creating the Technical Report was to consolidate every piece of 'intel' that exists into one place. Behind the scenes, we compare what may have changed between how the car was ordered and initially built by Ford. The report will itemize substitutions as well as anything that Shelby American added or changed to fulfill the dealer's order. Each report includes the SRG Rarity Metric for your car as well as metrics for the selling dealership.

SRG Technical Reports are available at no cost to car owners or those looking to join the Shelby family by purchasing a car.

To obtain a report for your '67 Shelby G.T., just email us with your car number and contact details.

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If you also send us a photo of the car's Shelby VIN plate and copies of your car's factory paperwork (Production Order and/or Sales Invoice). we'll be able to verify all options and provide a special *
DOCUMENTED* version of the report. Without these, we're still glad to send you a report, however, it won't be 100% complete.

The report package includes PDF files, which are designed for accurate printing. If you'd also like us to include image files, which are better suited for online use such as sharing your report online to groups, discussion forums and/or listing your car for sale on an auction site, be sure to mention that in your request.

Note: If you do not already have your car's factory paperwork, you can purchase it from the SAAC '67 Registrar, Dave Mathews. SAAC requires that you be the car's owner and a member of the club (the affiliate level will suffice).



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