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Do you have any photographs, paperwork or the history of your Shelby that you'd like to share with the SRG? Are you in possession of any in-period documents from Shelby American, Ford Motor Company, or A.O. Smith Plastics? If you have anything to share with the SRG, be sure to let us know if your intention is to privately share with us or if you'd like us to share it with other enthusiasts around the world.

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About the SRG

It would be fair to say that our passion for cars dates back to our youth; back to a time when we were relatively 'new' and, essentially, so were the cars... 

Fast forwarding through several decades of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, in 2017, we began sharing our information online with a goal of crowdsourcing knowledge from all that interact with the SRG.

Today, our enthusiasm has not waivered, and our mission remains to consolidate information and share as much as possible. The SRG is confident that when Knowledge is Shared ... Freely, that our cherished cars and the hobby we love will continue to flourish for generations to come.


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Other than a shared passion for the Shelby marque and the hobby that supports it, the Shelby Research Group (SRG) is not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company (FoMoCo), Shelby American, or any enthusiast organizations such as the Mustang Club of American (MCA) or the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC).


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